Agora Platform Overview

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Agora Platform Overview


SD-RTN (Software Defined Real-time Network) is a “smart” network that relies on cloud computing technology and is dedicated to the transmission of real-time audio and video services worldwide, covering 200+ countries worldwide. As a layer of PaaS (Platform as a Service) that provides real-time audio and video services, SD-RTN focuses on the network infrastructure capabilities of audio and video services for upper-layer (SaaS) services, solving common problems for developers, creating a friendly development environment and enabling agile development.

  • Global network coverage
    • Covering 200+ countries
    • Covering 100+ telecommunication providers in China
  • Mass access capability
    • Support multiple intelligent terminal access
    • Single channel can support 50K people online at the same time
  • QoS capability enhancement
    • Prevent network congestion in advance
    • Weak network anti-lost guarantee
  • QoS-based dynamic routing
    • Comprehensive assessment of network resources
    • QoS optimal path guarantee
  • Service SLA guarantee
    • Multi-service SLA protection
    • After-sales business support
  • Global network reliability
    • Global available time: 99.999%
    • Invisible core business, such as anti-DDOS
    • Above 99% global 5s landing success rate
  • E2E network average delay 76ms guarantee
    • Last Mile access algorithm optimization: full platform full interoperability
    • Support for iOS & 5000+ Android terminals
    • Support for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, CoCos, Unity, etc.
  • UDP protocol optimization
    • Optimize multiple private protocols based on UDP protocol
  • Self-developed audio and video codec
    • Efficient use of network resources
    • Self-developed SOLO, NOVA
  • Anti-loss package optimization
    • Algorithm for optimizing anti-packet-loss mechanism under weak network


High fidelity, 3D surround sound experience

  • 48kHz full-band acquisition: highly restored acoustic sound
  • 3A algorithm based on machine learning: echo cancellation, automatic gain, noise suppression
  • Hearing enhancement: two-channel, panoramic sound, listening sound, mixing, reverb effects, ear return, voice change


Immersive visual experience

  • Continuous network detection: network detection before and after encoding, network friendly
  • Dynamic network flow control: maintain dynamic balance of network bandwidth resources
  • Highly efficient anti-lost coding products: optimized coding algorithm, smooth video transmission, prevent network impact
  • Lost packet compensation: Automatically repair the content to ensure the experience
  • Visual enhancement: beauty based on machine learning.

Agora SDK

The Agora SDK is designed to be flexible in incorperating the SDK to real-time applications such as IoT, education, social, financial, and network acceleration.

  • API Usage Guide and Use Cases
  • Productized core module: more customized, split the original SDK on demand
  • Modular audio and video processing interface: easier to integrate third-party SDK

The Agora Native SDK

The Agora Native SDK is available to developers on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac platforms. It has all the necessary voice and video codecs built-in, along with the logic to access the Agora Global Network and automatically respond to disconnections and varying network conditions. Developers simply need the provided high-level APIs. Everything else is built in.

The Agora Web SDK

The Agora Web SDK enables the development of web apps that have virtually the same functionalities as native apps developed with the Native SDK.

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